Resources for Coaches

Use these USA Football tools to expand your knowledge, push your performance, and improve your coaching skills.

Becoming a better football coach takes commitment and focus. It also requires the kinds of additional resources you can only get with USA Football: practice guidelines, development books, drill strategies, streaming videos — plus insurance coverage for coaches with current certification.

Coach and Program Development Books

USA Football teamed up with ESPN and Coaches Choice to develop in-depth instruction for high school coaches — including “Guide to a Better, Safer Game,” with insights from leading coaches, and “Beyond the Xs and Os,” which focuses on building successful off-the-field programs. View our Coach and Program Development Books

Practice Guidelines

How do you handle the heat? How hard and long should you go in the preseason? What’s the latest on contact drills? USA Football worked with sports and medical experts to create comprehensive Youth Tackle Football National Practice Guidelines to help you build the best learning environment for your players. View our Practice Guidelines

Practice Planner

The full-featured Practice Planner makes it easy to apply USA Football’s youth practice guidelines. Choose drills and plays from the USA Football libraries, assign responsibilities to assistants, format your plan to print or email the finished document and save plans from year to year. Read more about our Practice Planner

Levels of Contact

Modulate levels of intensity during practice and enhance the safety of your youth or high school athletes. The five levels help players learn skills while building confidence and limiting potential helmet-to-helmet contact by mastering the fundamentals first. Read more about Levels of Contact

Coaching OnDemand

Subscribe to gain access to more than 1,000 streaming videos, including detailed training film on everything from shotgun formations to kickoff coverage, updates on health and safety and insights from top college and professional coaches. It’s just what your staff is looking for. Checkout Coaching OnDemand