Coach with the Best

Help shape the future of football and prepare the next wave of college and pro players

This is the only way to coach the National Team and the only program of its kind that current NCAA coaches are allowed to participate in. Coach up the future of football alongside top coaches and former NFL players.


Integrity: Honest, humble, respectful, selfless
Positive & Enthusiastic: Brings people up, confident
Great Teacher: Expert, prepared, clear, substantive
Poised: Can control temper, always composed
Demanding: High standards, accountability
Self-Starter: A step ahead, handles responsibilities
Great Work Ethic: Relentless, works smarter
Organized: Keeps things simple, knows the details
A Leader: Visionary, role model, eye for talent

Do you have what it takes?

Recommend a National Team Player

If you coach youth or high school football athletes who deserve a chance to play with the best, in a non-club program, nominate them for an invitation to a Regional event to learn from top high school coaches, current NCAA coaches and former pro athletes and possibly earn a chance to represent their country on the football field.

The U.S. National team puts players and coaches on the path to compete for the nation.

Here’s how to get your shot.


Think you’ve got what it takes? It all starts with a nomination to attend a Regional or Position-Specific Tryout. Ready to go next level? Go to both.


Try out at a U.S. National Team Regional event in your area for your chance to play at a Middle School Bowl Game.

Alumni U.S. National Team Coaches

Tom Westerberg

Barbers Hill / Mont Belvieu, Texas

Dennis Thomas

Salem / Salem, NJ

Chris Merritt

Christopher Columbus / Miami, Fla.

Clint Alexander

Woodberry Forest, Woodberry Forest, Va.

Ed Croson

Chaminade / West Hills, Calif.

Chuck Kyle

St. Ignatius / Cleveland, Ohio


See what happens when top NCAA and high school football coaches get a chance to work with leading athletes and prepare them for the highest level of competition.