Shoulder Tackling with Rocky Seto

Put the emphasis on performance and safety.

“To me it has nothing to do with what level you are playing at it’s just the right way to tackle. We really think we are seeing the future of football in shoulder tackling.”

Former Assistant Head Coach
Seattle Seahawks

A Key Element of Heads Up Football

Learn best practices and correct proper mechanics for this important all-player skill. Used by thousands of youth and high school teams, the shoulder tackling framework lays the foundation for proper tackles.


Master the Shoulder Tackle

A safer team is a stronger team. USA Football’s certification allows you to master the elements of shoulder tackling as well as other key health and safety elements.


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The foundational starting point for all movements and drills.



Technique for coming to balance prior to contact.


Correct body posture at moment of impact for safer tackling. Head and eyes are up using the front of shoulder as point of contact.


With head to the side and out of contact, throw double uppercuts and grab cloth on the back of jersey to secure the tackle.


Explode the hips to generate power and create an ascending tackle.

Expand your knowledge to make your team better and safer.

A safer league is a better league.