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Master the two systems that will help your defense win every snap.


The Youth Tackling & Contact System is now available. Featuring 60+ lessons and videos, this youth-focused system gives coaches the ability to learn the core principles of Prep for Contact, Flag Pulling & Tackling, Blocking and Defeating Blocks.
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Tackling is the most critical defensive skill, and USA Football has two systems to help give you progressive frameworks that develop the tackle itself, the tackling defender and team defense.

The Shoulder Tackling System was constructed in association with the Seattle Seahawks in-order to equip defenders with a plan and the fundamentals necessary stop the ball-carrier. Building upon that, the Advanced Tackling System is available to help further enhance the techniques and metrics to build a better tackler and defender.

Shoulder Tackling

Shoulder Tackling

This foundational defensive framework helps coaches develop better tacklers and build a more efficient defense through videos and instructional materials.

Coaches will learn ...

  • Fundamental building blocks of a successful tackle
  • How to master leverage in relation to field position and teammates
  • Three specific tackle types:
    1. Form Tackle
    2. Thigh & Drive Tackle
    3. Thigh & Roll Tackle

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Advanced Tackling

Advanced Tackling

Developed in conjunction with Richie Gray, this system will provide drills and terminology to better develop all types of tackles and help coaches analyze and improve their defenders success through key performance indicators.

This premium system will provide in-depth instruction on ...

  • Tracking the ball-carrier
  • Preparing for the tackle
  • Connecting with the opponent
  • Accelerating the feet
  • Finishing the tackle
  • Grading and measuring

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Rocky Seto

Rocky Seto served as an accomplished defensive coach for 18 years at the college and NFL levels. He is widely respected at every level for his systematic approach to shoulder tackling.

He last served as the Assistant Head Coach / Defense for the Seahawks between 2015 and 2016. Prior to that, he served multiple defensive roles for the Seattle Seahawks and USC, specifically with linebackers and defensive backs. He is the primary instructor of the Shoulder Tackling System.

Richie Gray

Richie Gray is the foremost tackling expert in football and rugby. He is the founder of GSI Performance and currently serves as the Attacking & Defensive breakdown Specialist for the Montpellier Herault (France, Rugby).

He worked with the Miami Dolphins as their Tackle Specialist in 2016 and now consults other programs in the U.S. He served as contact coach for the South African and Scotland National Rugby teams and is an instructor in the Advanced Tackling System and developed the progression within it.

Andy Ryland

Andy Ryland is USA Football’s senior manager of education and training and has been with USA Football since 2010. He has consulted with programs at every level of competition, and is widely recognized as a foremost expert on developing the fundamentals necessary for a successful shoulder tackle.

He is a former Penn State linebacker and member of the U.S. Men’s Rugby team and is a primary instructor in the Advanced Tackling System.

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