Player Safety Coach Clinics

Clinics led by USA Football Master Trainers help Player Safety Coaches prepare to teach, implement and maintain what’s being shared through Heads Up Football.

As Player Safety Coach, you are the point person in your league or school for implementing Heads Up Football’s safety guidelines. USA Football supports your efforts with online certification, a four-hour in-person clinic and a user Dashboard that helps guide the implementation process of the program.


USA Football created Heads Up Football to make sure health and safety is a fundamental part of the game. As a Player Safety Coach, you take the lead in turning a program developed by football and medical experts into an effective training and education tool for the coaches, players and parents in your community.

Once you are nominated by your commissioner or athletic director, you will complete an online certification and attend a four-hour in-person clinic led by USA Football Master Trainers.

The Focus is on Athlete’s Health and Safety

Heads Up Football includes instruction on concussion recognition and response; heat preparedness and hydration; sudden cardiac arrest; proper equipment fitting; shoulder tackling; and blocking. Using a mix of classroom and on-field learning, the PSC Clinic will prepare you to administer the program in your league or school so you can make sure every coach is trained and focused on athlete safety and football fundamentals.