Build your skill set

You work hard to be your best. With USA Football as your partner, you can also work smart.

You know how to coach. These football coach certification programs are here to help you do your job better. From flag to youth tackle to high school, USA Football certifications cover the most important health and safety issues for coaches at any level, including tackling, fundamentals and equipment fitting.


With a growing array of courses for coaches and game officials, USA Football helps you dive into the details, learn valuable lessons and gain insight from recognized high school, college and professional authorities.

Course topics cover everything from health and safety and practicing smart to the fundamentals of officiating and clear communication between coaches and their players, parents and officials. Most courses are just $10, and special sets can be bundled together at a lower cost to earn football coach certification.


Discover cutting-edge systems and progressions that put better techniques into your schemes.

Coaches will master full teaching progressions that give coaches everything they need to teach, install and troubleshoot advanced contact skills.

These free and premium systems can be found, and they feature end-to-end resources on particular contact skills like blocking, defeating blocks and tackling.


Football coach certifications demonstrate your commitment to the game and to your players — and they equip you with the latest knowledge and tools for maximizing the safety and performance of your athletes.

Level 1 Tackle Certification, Heads Up Football High School Certification and Level 1 Flag Certification go well beyond the fundamentals with topics covering both player performance and key health and safety issues.


It’s important for everyone to know the rules of the game — not just what’s on paper but also what we can do to promote player safety. Clinics for coaches, parents and officials keep everyone on the same page and focused on what matters most.

Parents get a full experience of Heads Up Football with presentations from health professionals and tips on making sure equipment fits properly. Coaches are prepared by USA Football Master Trainers to bring these standards to their own teams.


For middle school and high school players, the pathway to the U.S. National Teams starts here – at either a U.S. National Team Regional or Middle School Showcase.

Along with skill development and competition against the best athletes in the nation, these two options provide the first opportunity for players to try out for the U.S. National Football Team. High school athletes can attend a Regional, while middle school athletes have the choice to attend a Regional or a Middle School Showcase.


Younger athletes can get their first exposure to the game — and build a solid foundation of essential football skills — through these energetic, non-contact, kid-friendly events hosted by NFL players and other great role models.

Age-appropriate drills overseen by certified clinicians teach the basics of passing, catching and running. FUNdamental camps are designed to be a positive and rewarding first step for our up-and-coming generation of football athletes.