U.S. National Team Program

Your shot to become a star for the stars and stripes


The U.S. National Team program isn’t just about representing your country on the gridiron, it’s also about skill development and character growth.

Each Regional location will also feature flag skill elements and is a step for flag football players on their path to the U.S. National Flag Team.

Refine your techniques with the top NCAA and high school coaches in the nation and choose your own path within our U.S. National Team program.



1-Day Invite-Only Showcase

Option one to enter the National Team Program

  • NFL-style Combine with NCAA Coaches to help with evaluations and National Team selection
  • Onsite Selections for International Bowl
  • Combine Drills for Player Evaluation:
    • 5-10-5
    • “L” Drill
    • Broad Jump
    • Vertical Jump
    • Electronic 40 Times
    • Height & Weight Checks
  • Individual and 1-on-1 Drill Work
  • College Football Recruiting Media Invited
  • Walk away with U.S. National Team-verified stats to help take you to the next level

U.S. National Team Regionals

2-Day Non-Contact Tryout

Option two to enter the National Team Program

  • Designed for athletes to build skills in a non-contact environment
  • Led by top high school, NCAA and NFL coaches
  • Features 1-on-1, 7-on-7 and group drills
  • Smallest coach-to-player ratio of any similar program
  • Get evaluated to compete on the National Team
  • MVP Chains awarded to top performers in each position and a Gold Ball award given to the overall top athlete at the end of each Regional - Gold Ball winners get an automatic invite to attend High School Training Camp

Training Camp

3-Day Position-Specific Tryout

Option three to enter the National Team Program

  • Padded Event: Athlete will be required to wear shoulder pads and helmets
  • Focused on helping athletes advance their skills with position-specific training
  • Features high-level teaching, film and classroom sessions with college coaches
  • Get evaluated to compete on the National Team
  • Top performing athletes in each position group will be awarded MVP Chains at the end of camp

6th-8th Grade Athletes

The U.S. National Team’s Middle School program includes a path designed for 6th through 8th graders looking to improve skill development and try-out for the U.S. National Team.