Master Youth Football Fundamentals

Improve your ability to coach these core fundamentals through certification.

Better Techniques Through Certification

Create solid skill development for your players through USA Football’s Youth Tackle Certification. This year, there are several enhancements designed to make a positive impact on your football team. Focused on making you a better coach for your players, these resources feature blocking, defeating blocks, and tackling techniques that improve performance and make the game safer.



The 2020 certification is not yet available. Check back soon or create a youth coach account to get alerted when it’s available.


The 2020 clinic schedule is not yet available. Check back soon or create a youth coach account to get alerted when it’s available.


Principles of Blocking &
Defeating Blocks

Enhance fundamental skills for blocking and defeating blocks.

What you’ll learn:

  • BLAST – Base, Long, Ascend, Square, Triangulate
  • BRIDGE – Overview of enhanced blocking techniques
  • PILLAR – Overview of skills to defeat blocks
  • BUCKLE – Overview of shoulder contact
  • Benefits of Force Deflection over Horizontal Push

Core Techniques of Proper Shoulder Tackling

Master the coaching methodology behind a safer and better way to tackle with Rocky Seto.

What you’ll learn:

  • Form Tackling and Leverage
  • Shoulder Tackling Drills
  • Thigh and Drive and Thigh and Roll Techniques

Critical Coaching

Learn about the self-coaching tool SPPAAT and the ability to identify risky techniques on the gridiron.

What you’ll learn:

  • SPPAAT – A guide to help players improve and self-coach
  • Athletic Principles – From posture to physiology to movement

“This is a technique sport, and the technique they’re teaching at USA Football is huge … I can tell you everything my youth coach taught me to this day, so it’s so important that our youth coaches teach the right things, teach the proper fundamentals.”

Andy Reid, Head Coach, Kansas City Chiefs


2019 Non-Contact Certification Components

Concussion Recognition and Response

Education is the first step in concussion awareness and player protection.

Heat Preparedness and Hydration

Targeted instruction puts the emphasis on prevention, recognition and basic treatment of athletes with best practices for heat and hydration safety at all levels.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Teams learn how to put procedures in place to quickly react in the case of cardiac events — the No. 1 cause of death for children and teens during exercise – with instruction driven by the University of Washington Harborview Medical Center.

Proper Equipment Fitting

Equipment that doesn’t fit or isn’t worn right can increase the risk of injury. That’s why every coach gets guidance in how to properly fit helmets and shoulder pads.

Coaching 101

Learn the roles of coaches, the keys to communication and how to plan practices for skill development.