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The League Excellence Program recognizes youth football organizations based on how they operate their leagues against the best practices as established by USA Football.

Leagues that meet or exceed the standards and criteria in each level will receive benefits based on their accomplishments, including increased support and recognition from USA Football.

Learn more about the League Excellence Program and how to earn your recognition below.


Earn recognition and support for showing your dedication to growing the sport the right way.

Raising operations standards is what your athletes deserve and parents expect.
Take the next step toward bringing success to your organization by becoming a USA Football Recognized League.

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Bronze Level


  • League Enrollment Data & Organization Services and Recognition Agreement
  • 100% Coaches Certified
  • Satisfy Insurance Requirement


  • Use of Bronze Seal
  • Marketing Templates and Tools
  • Finder Service Placement
  • Contest Opportunity for $500 in Coach Certification Costs Covered

Silver Level

Bronze Level Requirements plus...

  • Game Type Offerings - at least 1 Game Type from a minimum of 2 Game Categories (Non-Contact, Limited Contact, Contact)*
  • Concussion Return to Play Protocol
  • Coach Background Checks
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • USA Football's Levels of Contact
  • USA Football's Practice Guidelines


  • Use of Silver Seal
  • Reward Kit
  • USA Football Field Banner
  • Opportunity to Write for USA Football Blog
  • Promotion on Website
  • Contest Opportunities for game tickets and First Down Clinic run by USA Football

Gold Level

Bronze and Silver Level Requirements plus...

  • USA Football's Game Type Progression
  • USA Football's Practice Plans
  • USA Football's Skills Assessment
  • USA Football's Player Progression Guide and Contact Manual
  • Background Checks through USA Football Preferred Providers


  • Use of Gold Seal
  • Customized Marketing Materials
  • Targeting Paid Social Ads
  • Blog Feature on Organization
  • Social Media Shout Out
  • Organization on Website with Logo
  • Organization Award
  • Expert Hours
  • Contest Opportunity to have a Parent Clinic run by USA Football

USA Football's League Excellence Program will open in late March.
Enroll your organization today to get notified when you can start to earn your recognition.


From flag to traditional tackle, USA Football has outlined the progression of game types to provide
leagues and players the entry points and options to share and play the game

Offering multiple game types gives parents more options to consider, allows athletes to build confidence, and helps make the game safer by reducing contact.


Non-Contact game types allow athletes to experience many of the position and skills of football.

Flag is the primary game type in this category. It provides a fun and fast-paced option that is played by millions of young and adult athletes.

Athletes learn the core values of football and establish a strong foundation for athletic success while playing on a smaller and shorter field with fewer players.


Limited Contact options act as a bridge game to form non-contact to full contact, allowing athletes to learn proper form and technique, while staying on their feet with addition of flags or TackleBar harness to their traditional equipment.

Rookie Limited TackleTM uses a smaller field, there are fewer players and rule modifications.

Senior Limited TackleTM is played on a ful-sized field, with rule modifications and game dynamics that mirror the look and feel of the traditional contact game.


There are many ways to play Contact football, from small-sided games with fewer athletes to the games we see on Sundays.

Rookie Tackle® features a smaller field and adds rules to make it more fun and manageable, while athletes continue to learn contact in a fun and developmentally appropriate way.

Senior TackleTM is the traditional game we're all familiar with, played on a full-sized field and often has 11 players on each side.


After enrolling with USA Football, the next step in the League Excellence Program
is to get all of your coaches certified.

This year, the new and revamped coach resources will help your coaches develop
the whole athlete based on their age and stage of development.