Headsup Football

Heads Up Football safety checklist

Player safety recommended standards.

Heads Up Football℠ is a USA Football program designed to improve player safety that was implemented in partnership with dozens of partners in medicine, child advocacy and sport. With the goal of delivering a better, safer game, parents, commissioners and coaches should follow this list of recommended standards.

Safety Checklist


Recognize the signs, symptoms and what to do.

Helmet Fitting

Know how to regularly check the fit of a helmet to improve player safety.

Heads Up Tackling℠

Learn it. Teach it.
Heads Up TacklingSM reduces the chances of helmet-to-helmet contact. Learn tackling fundamentals »

Background checks

Organizations should conduct background checks on all adult volunteers.
A fully managed screening system designed for youth-serving organizations. Learn more »

coaching education Courses

Coaches should be certified before stepping on the field.
Designed to train coaches responsible for the on-field development of athletes. Learn more »

Heat preparedness & Hydration

Understand how to properly acclimate athletes to heat and stay safe on the field. Developed in partnership with the Korey Stringer Institute.

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