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About the Program

USA Football’s Coaching Education Program (CEP) is designed to train coaches who are responsible for the on-field development of youngsters, ages 5-14, playing organized youth flag and tackle football.

The CEP provides youth football commissioners with a resource that can help them annually certify and set a standard for volunteer youth flag and tackle coaches. USA Football is committed to providing youth coaches, from beginner to advanced, with a program that challenges their abilities to teach the most progressive skills and techniques by age group. The diagram below breaks down the current USA Football coach progression pathway.offers coaches and commissioners two levels of education that include:

*Level 2 courses may serve as recertification for Level 1 courses

Program Benefits

  • Delivers organization-wide coaching education and tracks the success of your coaches online
  • Ensures coaches have a better understanding for concussion, heat emergency preparedness and equipment fitting
  • Enhances the competitiveness of your organization with better trained coaches
  • Improves a coach’s ability to run more effective practices within a positive and safe environment
  • Delivers techniques for working with parents and creating a positive team environment
  • Certified coaches receive a certificate, appear in the USA Football National Coaching Registry and become eligible for coaching insurance benefits.

Level 1: Tackle & Flag Certification Courses

USA Football’s Level 1 Flag and Tackle Coaching Education Program courses serve as the entry point for all coaches to begin their coaching development. These courses include an annual recertification quiz to provide youth football organizations with an easy-to-use solution, ensuring their volunteer coaches are trained and ready to teach their players every season.

All Level 1 courses have been accredited by the National Council for Accreditation of Coaching Education.



This accreditation makes USA Football’s Coaching Education Program the ONLY football-specific coaching program to receive accreditation from the NCACE, the standard in coaching education. More than ever, coaches can trust that a USA Football coaching education is the best way to ensure your players have a great youth football experience.

The NCACE is “The Coaching Standard” for content presented within any formal coaching education program. It promotes and facilitates coaching competence within all levels of amateur sport by overseeing and evaluating the quality of coaching education programs. The NCACE is recognized by the United States Olympic Committee, the NCAA and the National Federation of State High School Associations.

This accreditation confirms that football now has its guideline for coaching education. Commissioners and coaches can turn to our Level 1 online courses knowing that it has been given a full review and proved to be the nation’s most comprehensive coaching education course.

The Process of Accreditation For six months, the NCACE reviewed our Level 1 Coach Certification for tackle and flag. This exhaustive review ensures that our courses meet each of the following NCACE Domain Requirements:

  • Domain 1 - Philosophy and Ethics
  • Domain 2 - Safety and Injury Prevention • Domain 3 - Physical Conditioning
  • Domain 4 - Growth and Development
  • Domain 5 - Teaching and Coaching
  • Domain 6 - Sport Skills and Tactics
  • Domain 7 - Organization and Administration • Domain 8 - Evaluation

Level 2: Age-Appropriate Certification Courses

Level 2 of USA Football’s Coaching Education Program is designed for coaches who want to improve their ability to coach and provide the best development experience for their players. This continuing education track offers coaches five age-appropriate courses starting from U-6 flag to U-14 tackle. Course content is presented using streaming video that teaches coaches a set of age-appropriate on-field skills that can be used as a foundation for players to master before they advance to the next age division.



  • Include U-6 (Flag), U-8, U-10, U-12 and U-14
  • Level 2 courses can be accessed by USA Football coach members who completed their Level 1 certification
  • Video instruction is provided by coaches from our U.S. National Team program
  • Completion of an age-appropriate course serves as an annual recertification credit
  • Courses can be purchased individually


  • Physical Skills
  • Working with Parents
  • Technical Skills
  • Tactical Development
  • Team Warm-up
  • Effective Practice Planning
  • Mental, Emotional and Social Abilities
  • Volume and Intensity


Developed in partnership with experts across medicine and sport, USA Football’s High School Certification Course educates coaches of health and safety protocols for the well-being of their student-athletes. This course is a requirement for high schools participating in USA Football’s Heads Up Football program



  • Heads Up Football-centered curriculum focusing on health and safety topics for high school coaches.
  • Individual videos and assessment quizzes for coaches on:
    • - Equipment Fitting
    • - Concussion Awareness
    • - Heat and Hydration
    • - Heads Up Tackling
  • All new videos with improved graphics that focus on key learning objectives.
  • Video instruction provided by content experts such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Korey Stringer Institute.
  • After passing all quizzes, coaches earn a certificate of completion.
  • This course meets certification requirements for high schools participating in Heads Up Football.

Coaches Registry

Coaches who complete one of USA Football’s certification courses or attend a Coaching School are recognized for their commitment to improve their coaching skills in the Coaches Registry.

More Information

If interested in learning more about the Coaching Education Program, please call USA Football at 1-877-5-FOOTBALL (1-877-536-6822) or contact your Regional Manager.