Know the Game to Coach the Game

Learn the strategies and rules to get certified and coach Rookie Tackle in your next season.

Focusing on the key rules and strategies as well as covering the Rookie Tackle Rule Book, this certification gives Rookie Tackle coaches a better understanding of the game they will be coaching in the fall.


Core Rules Overview

Explore the Rookie Tackle Rulebook and learn the rules and strategies within the Rookie Tackle program.

Modifications for 6 / 7 / 8 Players Teams

Learn how you can modify Rookie Tackle based on the amount of players you’d like on your field. The certification course will cover the details on how to make the program work for your organization.

“Partnering with USA Football to implement the Rookie Tackle program is a decision our league believes will enhance the youth football experience for our players and their families. After experiencing the game at its highest level, it is essential that our sport adopts a ‘right age, right stage’ philosophy for the best interests of our kids.”

Chad Pennington, Rookie Tackle Pilot League Commissioner and Former NFL Quarterback



Take the online certification to master the techniques at home.


Get hands-on training, ask engaging questions with a Master Trainer.

What is Rookie Tackle?

Rookie Tackle was created with input from youth football leaders throughout the United States to improve the playing experience for young athletes.

It serves as a bridge-game between flag football and 11-player tackle – and is a part of USA Football’s adoption of the United States Olympic Committee’s American Development Model (ADM).

To learn more about Rookie Tackle and how to start a program in your league, click here.

American Development Model Logo

About the American Development Model

The American Development Model, created by the United States Olympic Committee and first introduced by USA Hockey, serves as a framework for long-term athlete development. USA Football will use a similar blueprint to develop and pilot a new pathway for youth players and coaches. The ADM joins heads up football in USA Football’s ongoing commitment to advancing the sport for millions of young athletes across our nation.