Enhance Fundamentals Through Certification

Become a better coach by doubling down on cutting-edge shoulder tackling and blocking development.

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Get Results. Get Better. Get Certified.

Learn how to better coach critical fundamentals through the NFHS and USA Football’s certification for high school and middle school coaches. Being certified isn’t just about safety – it’s about improving your ability to coach blocking, defeating blocks and proper tackling. These skills often translate to wins and losses – getting certified today means maximizing your team’s performance for tomorrow.


Principles of Blocking &
Defeating Blocks

Enhance fundamental skills for blocking and defeating blocks.

What you’ll learn:

  • BLAST – Base, Long, Ascend, Square, Triangulate
  • BRIDGE – Overview of enhanced blocking techniques
  • PILLAR – Overview of skills to defeat blocks
  • BUCKLE – Overview of shoulder contact
  • Benefits of Force Deflection over Horizontal Push

Core Techniques of Proper Shoulder Tackling

Master the coaching methodology behind a safer and better way to tackle with Rocky Seto.

What you’ll learn:

  • Form Tackling and Leverage
  • Shoulder Tackling Drills
  • Thigh and Drive and Thigh and Roll Techniques

Critical Coaching

Learn about the self-coaching tool SPPAAT and the ability to identify risky techniques on the gridiron.

What you’ll learn:

  • SPPAAT – A guide to help players improve and self-coach
  • Athletic Principles – From posture to physiology to movement

“USA Football is an amazing group that continues to lead the way in football development in our country. The program is outstanding.”

Dan Pippin, Head Coach, Greenwood High School (SC)


Non-Contact Certification Components with NFHS

Concussion Recognition and Response

Education is the first step in concussion awareness and player protection.
(Subject matter covered in Concussion in Sports course on NFHSLearn.com)

Heat Preparedness and Hydration

Targeted instruction puts the emphasis on prevention, recognition and basic treatment of athletes with best practices for heat and hydration safety at all levels.
(Subject matter covered in Concussion in Sports course on NFHSLearn.com)

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Teams learn how to put procedures in place to quickly react in the case of cardiac events — the No. 1 cause of death for children and teens during exercise – with instruction driven by the University of Washington Harborview Medical Center.
(Subject matter covered in Sudden Cardiac Arrest course on NFHSLearn.com)

Proper Equipment Fitting

Equipment that doesn’t fit or isn’t worn right can increase the risk of injury. That’s why every coach needs guidance in how to properly fit helmets and shoulder pads.
(Subject matter covered in shoulder tackling, blocking and equipment fitting course on NFHSLearn.com)

High School & Middle School Coaches

Take your coaching education to the next level with this certification created by the NFHS and USA Football

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