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Make the Click ‘N Create Playbook Work for You

By Nicole Lukosius Mon, 03/29/2010 - 12:58pm

The big day has arrived - otherwise known as the first game of the season. Players are putting on their equipment.  Parents are taking their seats in the stands. Assistant coaches are looking over their notes. And you can rest easy knowing that your team is prepared because you have taken advantage of USA Football's Click 'N Create Playbook.

With the Playbook, USA Football Coaching Members have the ability to build their own plays online, print them out and even distribute them to players and assistant coaches via e-mail. Since the Playbook has the capability to actually run the animated plays that are created, coaches and players alike can see how the plays should be executed.

"One of the best things about the Click 'N Create Playbook is that it allows coaches to share game day plays with assistant coaches and players," said Rick Peacock, USA Football Southeast Regional Manager and president of the Anne Arundel (Md.) Youth Football Association. "It's helpful because players have the opportunity to learn on their own since they have their own copy of the plays."

The Click 'N Create Playbook can help organize the practice week and give a team its best chance for success on game day. Because of its animated functionality, coaches are able to see what plays work against certain defenses and plan accordingly for the upcoming matchup.

"Before game day rolls around, coaches can create a customized game plan book to give to assistants," Peacock said. "The Playbook can save all plays that are created, so it makes it easy to keep everyone on the same page by pulling from the collection of plays stored in the software."

Online tutorials enable coaches to make the most of this Coaching Membership resource, and here are some basic steps to follow for creating a play using the Click 'N Create Playbook.

After logging into your account:

Select which type of play you want to create (New Animated Play or New Printable Play). Both can be printed but only the animated plays can be animated.

It is recommended that beginners select the Play By Play method of creating a play. More experienced users may find the Blank Play selection easier to use.

*Select the Field Type and Formation you would like to design a play with.

*Select the Field & Formations tab to adjust the type of field you want to work on. Check the box next to Apply Additional Formations to add a defensive or offensive formation.

* Select the Characters tab to click and drag any character onto the field. While a character is selected it can be labeled, and/or rotated. You can also change its positioning and color.

* Select the E-Chalk tab to draw different types of chalk lines on the field. Use the different options below the chalk to adjust various elements of your lines. Click and drag to draw the desired line.

* Select the Options tab to change the printing format of your play.

    If you selected the animated play:

    Animation: Step 1

    * To animate a play, select a character you wish to animate. Click and drag the blue play button to the 2 second mark. Then drag your character along half of the path you wish them to go.

      Animation: Step 2

      * Click and drag the blue play button again and then drag the same character or others to their final or desired location. Click the back button on the playback bar then click play to animate. Continue for all other characters until your entire play is animated.